Upgrade your outdoor experiences with our premium insulated handbags, designed to keep your meals fresh and warm.

Elevate your lunch routine with our insulated handbags, ensuring hot, fresh meals on the go.

Experience advanced insulation with our cutting-edge cooler bags, ensuring your food and drinks stay cool all day.

Insulation Products Coverage

Check out ACOOLERBAG’s full product line: Lunch Bags, Breakfast Bags, Dinner Bags, Camping Bags, Picnic Bags, Beverage Insulated Bags, Backpack Insulated Bags, Tote Insulated Bags, Insulated Shopping Bags, Sports Insulated Bags, Travel Insulated Bags, and OEM Custom Insulated Bags, all with approvals to ensure high and consistent quality.

  • Made with Love from China, Your Always Insulated Companion

    ACOOLERBAG is an insulated bag manufacturing company based in Guangzhou City, China. With decades of insulated bag-making industry experience, ACOOLERBAG operates from a 10,000-square-meter production base in Yangchun City, China. We have over 400 employees and have completed over 200 OEM customization projects for over 100 clients. We are committed to meeting your needs with quality products and services.

    Crafting Quality Insulated Bags with Sustainability and Customization in Mind

    Our high-quality insulated bags are crafted using the latest technology and skilled craftsmanship. We prioritize quality control and sustainability through eco-friendly materials and recycling programs. Plus, we offer customization options to create personalized bags for our customers.


Check Out ACOOLERBAG‘s Perfection in Every Aspect

  • Focusing on developing excellent thermal insulation technology for bag products.
  • Products cover a wide range of usage scenarios, including meals, shopping, delivery, and sports.
  • Advanced workshop equipment fully supports our production capacity for manufacturing high-quality thermal insulated bags with core technologies.
  • The capacity of up to thousands of insulated bags.
  • Conducting a series of tests, including tension, aging, salt spray, and color fastness testing, to ensure the quality of our thermal insulated bags.
  • Strictly ensure that all tests are completed before shipping our products.
  • ACOOLERBAG established partnerships with international brands such as Uber Eats, Glovo, Grab, Foodpanda, and Domino, allowing us to transport our products reliably worldwide
  • Durable packaging ensures that our products are not damaged during international long-distance transportation.

Your One-Stop Insulation Handbag Product Supplier

Our products and services have spread all over the world, and also have been recognized by customers.

SGS, ISO-9001 Certified
BSCI Certified
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Free Samples Available
OEM and ODM Available
Responsible After-Sales Support Team

Well-Regarded by Customers in Foodservice and Delivery Industries

“ACOOLERBAG is the best food insulation bag we’ve ever used! It keeps food hot and fresh for a long time, and it’s easy to carry around.”

Food Delivery Service

“ACOOLERBAG is a must-have for any food delivery business! It keeps food hot and fresh during long delivery trips and helps us maintain our high standards.”

Food Delivery Service

“ACOOLERBAG has exceeded our expectations! The insulation quality is amazing and it’s easy to clean.”

Food Delivery Service

“ACOOLERBAG is a game-changer! It ensures our customers receive hot and fresh food every time, and the build quality is exceptional.”

Food Delivery Service

“ACOOLERBAG is simply the best insulation bag we’ve ever used. It keeps pizzas hot and fresh for a long time and the build quality is superb.”

Chain Restaurant

“ACOOLERBAG is excellent and helps us maintain high food quality standards. It keeps food hot and fresh for hours and is easy to carry around.”

Chain Restaurant

Quick Quote

Quick Quote

ACOOLERBAG‘s Client Moment

ACOOLERBAG has won the favor of hundreds of customers with its excellent quality insulation bag products, which feature good thermal insulation performance, safe and healthy materials, sturdy and durable structure, lightweight and easy portability, suitability for various scenarios, and easy cleaning and maintenance.

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