ACOOLERBAG: Earning Coca-Cola’s Recognition in the Heart of China

In the bustling landscape of China’s thermal bag industry, one name stands out as a true leader – ACOOLERBAG. Established in 2013, this company has been making waves in the world of food insulation with its wide range of products, including food thermos bags, lunch cooler bags, picnic food warmers, thermal handbags, and backpacks. With over a decade of experience in the luggage industry and certifications such as BSCI and ISO9001, ACOOLERBAG has become synonymous with quality and innovation.

The Seal of Approval from Coca-Cola

Recently, ACOOLERBAG achieved a significant milestone that has sent ripples of excitement throughout the company and the industry as a whole. It’s not every day that a Chinese company receives recognition and commendation from a global giant like Coca-Cola. The reason for this accolade? ACOOLERBAG’s production facility in Guangdong, Yangchun, underwent a thorough inspection, and the results were nothing short of impressive.

Partnership with Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola, a name that needs no introduction, is one of the world’s most renowned beverage companies. Known for its stringent quality standards and commitment to excellence, Coca-Cola doesn’t easily bestow its trust upon just any manufacturer. However, ACOOLERBAG’s unwavering dedication to producing top-notch thermal bags aligned perfectly with Coca-Cola’s expectations.

Meeting Stringent Standards

During the assessment, every aspect of ACOOLERBAG’s manufacturing process was scrutinized. From the materials used to the production techniques employed, nothing escaped Coca-Cola’s meticulous examination. It was a testament to ACOOLERBAG’s commitment to quality that they passed with flying colors.

A Commitment to Quality

For ACOOLERBAG, quality isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a way of life. With more than 400 employees and three sprawling production buildings covering over 12,000 square meters, they’ve invested significantly in creating an environment that fosters excellence. Every bag produced is a result of dedication, precision, and a passion for innovation.

The Product Range

ACOOLERBAG’s product range caters to various needs. Whether you’re packing a lunch for work, embarking on a picnic, or need a durable bag to keep your food warm during travel, they have you covered. Their lunch cooler bags, in particular, have gained immense popularity for their ability to maintain the temperature of your food, ensuring that your meals are as fresh as they were when you packed them.

Sustainability Matters

In an era where environmental consciousness is paramount, ACOOLERBAG doesn’t lag behind. Their commitment to sustainable practices is evident in their products. They’ve embraced eco-friendly materials and production processes, minimizing their carbon footprint and contributing to a greener world.


ACOOLERBAG’s partnership with Coca-Cola is a testament to their unwavering dedication to quality and innovation. As a Chinese leader in the thermal bag industry, they’ve proven that excellence knows no borders. With a diverse product range and a commitment to sustainability, ACOOLERBAG is not just a company; it’s a symbol of what can be achieved through dedication and passion.

For more information on ACOOLERBAG and their products, visit their website and explore the world of thermal bags that redefine convenience.


  1. How long has ACOOLERBAG been in the thermal bag industry? ACOOLERBAG was established in 2013, and they’ve been leaders in the industry ever since.
  2. What certifications does ACOOLERBAG hold? ACOOLERBAG holds certifications such as BSCI and ISO9001, highlighting their commitment to quality.
  3. Are ACOOLERBAG’s products environmentally friendly? Yes, ACOOLERBAG is dedicated to sustainability and uses eco-friendly materials and processes.
  4. What makes ACOOLERBAG’s lunch cooler bags special? ACOOLERBAG’s lunch cooler bags are known for their ability to maintain food temperature, keeping your meals fresh.
  5. Where is ACOOLERBAG’s production facility located? ACOOLERBAG’s production facility is in Guangdong, Yangchun, China.
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