ACOOLERBAG Team Explores the Cultural Richness of Qingyuan and Yingde Cities

This Tuesday and Wednesday, the ACOOLERBAG family ventured into Qingyuan and Yingde cities on a unique team-building journey. What unfolded was an unforgettable tapestry of experiences, flavors, and moments that highlighted the heart and soul of these regions.

Discovering the Art of Tea at 「Chaqu Yuan 茶趣园」 Our adventure commenced at ‘Chaqu Yuan’, an esteemed tea workshop nestled in Qingyuan City. Here, the mystique of local tea varieties unfolded before our eyes. Our team was not only introduced to the tea’s intricate manufacturing process but was also privileged to taste some of the region’s most celebrated teas. The fragrant aromas and the stories each tea leaf told left an indelible mark on our senses.

flowing tea pot
Flowing Tea Pot Landmark, Chaqu Yuan.

Starlit Evening at 「Fengyuan Flower Estate 锋源花卉庄园」 As day transitioned to night, we found ourselves in the enchanting embrace of Yingde City’s ‘Fengyuan Flower Estate’. The evening was illuminated by a delightful BBQ session, followed by a heartwarming bonfire sing-along, with our team’s voices harmonizing under the vast starry sky.

BBQ in Fengyuan Flower Estate.
BBQ in Fengyuan Flower Estate.

Morning Exploration at 「Jiulong Ecological Town 九龙生态小镇」 The sun of our second day rose over ‘Jiulong Ecological Town’ in Yingde City. A testament to nature’s splendor, the town opened its arms to us, revealing breathtaking natural landscapes that seemed like they were painted by the hands of the universe itself. Every step echoed the tales of ancient times and the beauty of the untouched environment.

Landscaped view in Jiulong Ecological Town
Landscaped View in Jiulong Ecological Town

River Adventures at 「Yingxi Forest 英西锋林」 Our journey’s climax was at the ‘Yingxi Forest’, ensconced within the scenic expanse of ‘Yingxi Forest’ in Qingyuan City. The thrill of kayaking, the splash of water, and the team’s shared exhilaration made this experience not just a physical activity but a dance of spirits and camaraderie.

ACOOLERBAG on Yingxi Forest
ACOOLERBAG on Yingxi Forest

A Gastronomic Affair with North Guangdong Cuisine Throughout our journey, North Guangdong’s culinary treasures were our constant companions. Delicacies like fresh bamboo shoots and the renowned Qingyuan chicken tantalized our taste buds, making our experience a feast not just for the soul, but for our palates as well.

To sum it up, this retreat was a symphony of experiences that deepened our bond as a team and broadened our appreciation for local traditions. At ACOOLERBAG, we believe that such enriching journeys fuel our commitment and passion for what we do. We thank Qingyuan and Yingde for their warmth and hospitality and look forward to more adventures in the future.

Stay tuned to ACOOLERBAG’s journey of exploration and growth. Cheers to many more adventures ahead!

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