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ACOOLERBAG currently has developed dozens of thermal insulation products independently, and the products have been tested by inspection agencies, including SGS, ISO9001, and BSCI. At the same time, the materials used have also undergone strict inspections and have been certified by relevant organizations.


What certifications do ACOOLERBAG’s products hold?

Our products have been tested and certified by renowned inspection agencies including SGS, ISO9001, and BSCI. These certifications attest to the high quality and standards upheld in our product line, reassuring you of their safety and efficiency.

Are the materials used in ACOOLERBAG products safe and eco-friendly?

Yes, the materials used in creating our thermal insulation products have undergone strict inspections and have received certifications from relevant organizations, ensuring they meet the requisite safety and environmental standards.

How does ACOOLERBAG ensure the quality of its thermal insulation products?

Quality is our priority. ACOOLERBAG independently develops all its products and subjects them to stringent testing processes through certified inspection agencies. The materials used are also meticulously selected and certified, safeguarding the highest quality and performance of every product in our lineup.

Can I trust the independent development process of ACOOLERBAG's products?

Absolutely. ACOOLERBAG has developed dozens of thermal insulation products independently to ensure that we maintain control over the quality and standards of our products. Our autonomous development process fosters innovation and allows us to offer you reliable and cutting-edge solutions.

What can the certifications by SGS, ISO9001, and BSCI tell me about ACOOLERBAG products?

These certifications are testament to the high standards of quality and safety that ACOOLERBAG upholds. They signify that our products have successfully met a series of stringent benchmarks including but not limited to, environmental management, quality management, and social responsibility in the business supply chain, thereby providing a guarantee of quality and reliability.

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